Toner and ink cartridges for Brother printers

Brother , is a Japanese brand which started out specializing in the production and development of industrial and domestic sewing machines. It has since grown significantly and has expanded its offering to become the one of the key players in the global printing industry for ink and toner.

Brother today offers a variety of printing solutions: Ink-jet, laser, thermal, multifunction, color or monochrome. This wide range allows the brand to adapt to all types of users, professionals as well as individuals.

Each of these printers require the use of specific consumables depending on the technology, ink for inkjets and toner for laser printers.

Brother inkjets

Original Brother inkjet cartridges provide sustainable high quality results with every print.

brother inkjet

The use of a trademark associated cartridge from Brother along with specalist paper assures consumers sharper pictures, rich colors and exceptional longevity of prints. Thanks to the technology of ink and the paper Innobella developed by Brother, the color reproduction area is perfect and increases the realism of prints improving mixing and rendering in red, magenta and green. The addition of a special coating on the paper Innobella allows the ink to spread less on the paper and thus obtain a more vivid color.

You can also purchase compatible inks for your Brother printer - these are developed by specialized companies, not the printer manufacturer, and optimize your printing budget because they are far cheaper.

Brother ink for your inkjet printer is ideal for photo enthusiasts or for people looking for quality prints with flawless results.

Brother Toner

toner brother

Brother offers a wide range of monochrome or color laser printers with many different options (Scan, copy, fax, Wi-Fi) used to specifically fit the needs of users whether they are professionals or individuals..

In terms of consumables, Brother printers have the advantage of comprising a toner cartridge and a separate drum - unlike some manufacturers who merg these two components. You only replace the consumable that reaches the end of it's life and this helps control your budget. Several types of replacement toners are available, original toners manufactured by Brother and compatible or remanufactured toners, less expensive and developed by companies specialized in the recycling of printer cartridges.

Monochrome printers use only a black toner while color printers have four toners, one of each color and in some cases the choice between a high-capacity toner and a standard capacity toner. This approach offers the possibility to choose the supplies that fit best in your print volume needs.

Brother is a leader in the laser printing industry with reliable and quality printers ideal for small businesses and individuals with significant print volume.

Brother Toner Refill

Brother toner refill

In recent years, some companies offer the possibility to achieve maximum savings by re-filling an empty Brother toner cartridges at the end of it's life cycle using a toner powder bottle.

Using a toner refill kit has several advantages, the first economical, since it offers the ability to print with a very low cost per page, and the second is ecological, since it allows you to extend the life of a laser cartridge before it is destroyed or, in the best case, recycled.

The composition of a toner refill kit varies with the type of toner cartridge you want to fill, you will find, however, essential components are always the same: compatible toner bottle, a spout , replacement cap and safety equipment such as gloves that help protect you not to get dirty.

Brother toner refill is relatively simple to do and a good pcmpany will provie illustrated instructions or photos that you show exactly how to refill and also reset your toner cartridge.

Example : refilling a Brother monochrome cartridge

Re-filling is very simple: Locate the cartridge cap which then will allow you access to the toner chamber, remove it using pliers or a screwdriver and pour in your complete compatible toner.

Note Some Brother cartridges require the replacement of a reset lever for the printer to accept the refilled cartridge.

This method is usually called "unplug, empty, fill"

Video :

Example of a Brother colour toner refill

The video here corresponds to a refill of a Brother TN326 toner cartridge. The operation is identical to that of a monochrome toner refill: You must remove the cap, empty out the old toner residue and then re-fill with compatible toner.

Note Some Brother cartridges require the replacement of a reset lever.

Video :

Where should you buy your Brother consumables?

It is easy to find internet shops who offer consumables for laser printers or inkjet printers. But it can be difficult to make a choice given the many differences between sellers: price difference, product quality, delivery times..

We recommend who offer originals, compatibles and toner refill kits. Telephone support is available to provide maximum choice and flexibility to the buyer. They are happy to have requests for detailed information or refill advice before purchasing.

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